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The app for Skin-health

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1. Brief  

Over the recent decades, melanoma became a severe global problem.


The research suggests that England is one of the countries that suffers from this disease the most. The difficulty in spotting melanoma at early stages increased the number of lethal incidents.


Digital health market lacks self-management platform that would provide convenient tracking option of moles, which require more attention. This platform would allow a better control over the skin health and would provide tractable information for clinicians to make a careful analysis.

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2. My Role  

As a team, we did market research, which revealed how big and severe the problem is, and how inefficient existing services are at the moment


We saw the opportunity to transform our idea into a successful product, which aims to improve an early-stage melanoma detection. Apart from structuring the key functionality, the goal was to implement features that ensure behavioral change and are incorporated into a user flow smoothly. 


3. UX and UI  

UX - The app guides the user as a coach, revealing customised educational content bit by bit. The main tracking feature of the app is easily accessible and gives the user some additional tools to assess each individual mole and then compare the results over a period of time.


UI – I used subtle colours and friendly illustrations. The UI aims to reflect brand professionalism and trust, but also openness and friendliness.

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4. Where we are now 

The app is in AppStore!

Together with a development team we are doing lot's of research and gradually heading towards our final goal of making the app that impacts the community.