Ampersand Health  

Marketing Web,

June - July 2018

Marketing web-site

1. Brief.  

Digitalising health care is a daily ritual for Ampersand & Ampersand creative agency.


While digital healthcare products are becoming helpful attributes in our life, the process of actually building these platforms revealed a huge potential for a new venture to evolve. With an upcoming opportunity, Ampersand & Ampersand decided to focus on the idea of their own product Ampersand Health. The aim of this product is to empower patients with long-term conditions by providing them with a better control over their life and health. I was tasked to create a marketing website that explores Ampersand Health products and represents the brand with its trustful, professional but at the same time friendly personality.

Clinician+ Nader+ patient_about us.png

After several days of discussions with marketing and sales team, we have structured approximate website architecture  page by page and identified the key characteristics of the brand.


The latter allowed me to conceptualise appropriate UI, which ended up being in a subtle colour palette, smooth line and fonts, and friendly illustrations including patients and clinicians characters. With the development team, we worked on engaging animations, which are going to be implemented soon.

Overall, my aim was to ensure a greater conversion by making the brand and its character appealing to the targeted audience. 

2. My role.  

1.Front Scene.png

3. UX and UI.  

Intuitive user experience is crucial for raising web traffic and then conversion, which, in essence, is the main goal of the marketing website.


That is why, it was crucial to create an intuitive user experience. However, for Marketing web, it was particularly important to form a memorable, nice-looking, appealing UI which would not only embrace general aesthetics but would emphasise the brand character. I believe this empowers the website to trigger positive emotions and consequently a desire to learn more about Ampersand Health.