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Ampersand Health 

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June - July 2018

App for iOS, Android and Web,

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The app for clinicians


I believe, digital therapy has a huge potential to successfully 

complement traditional health care systems all around the world.

Having identified opportunities for operational improvements, Ampersand health has deepened into finding solutions and filling the gaps.


Clinician portal aims to provide an easy connection between clinicians and patients with long-term conditions.

Together with Patient’s app, clinician portal becomes a powerful tool to take care of patients with long-term conditions.

1. Brief  

Monitor patients' health
Store patients data
Contact patients easily

2. My Role  


The solution was to create a convenient and fast communication between patients and clinicians outside hospitals, and therefore gradually reduce the need of frequent and expensive appointments.

By keeping symptoms up to date patients get the care they need any time. Continuous stream of patients data and consequent analysis makes it easy for clinicians to provide care for patients as well as to track their overall progress.

3. Supporting elements  


Clinician portal is designed as a standalone product with open integration ends.


With the UK healthcare delivery system integration seems to be a better option for hospitals. However, before thinking about actual integration there are a few pre-steps required to be done and Ampersand Health is on its way there.


4. UX is the Key  

Data visualisation was one the main challenges that required to incorporate a massive amount of data into the app's architecture in a way that ensures that user experience is enjoyable.

Red root mapping was a starting point to get my head around the relative importance of different features. Human is designed in a way to capture visual information quicker. That is why I used multiple images, graphs charts when needed to accurately present data in a way useful for its main users - clinicians.

Quick reaction – quick help!

The main purpose of the app is to spot changes and allow a quick reaction to these changes: starting from getting urgent notifications from patients then quickly accessing their data and then reacting on it - simple and fast!

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Doctor and Patient

Interaction reduction!

On the other hand some features have been specifically created for long-term tracking, analysis and observation. Clinicians can list patients that they want to track and the app will automatically notify about any changes in patients condition, medications and appointments.

5. Next Steps

The app is currently being built. We are doing more research into the market and improving the app with new functionality.

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