About Me!

Hi there, I am Ana - digital designer, a fighter when it comes to ugly interfaces and odd digital experiences. 

I believe that user-centered approach in design together with regular communication make up the base for engaging designs and useful products. By understanding user needs and preferences one gains the necessary power and wisdom to transform his magic (skills) into a physical product. Apparently, the best practice would be to co-create the product together with the users, while always remembering and mindfully understanding business resources and capabilities.

That is why, It is crucial for me to think about the feasibility of designs and discuss its development complexity with the team before making decisions. 


As a team of one, I always try to bridge the gap between design and development by cultivating collaboration within the team as well as introducing new ways to improve cross-functional communications. 


However, as a creative person and a preacher of aesthetics, I never stop thinking blue sky and experimenting with interfaces. To me, a great digital experience should not only be useful but also pleasurable - interactions are intuitive and are barely noticed by the user eye making them almost invisible to a conscious mind. 


So if you are feeling like we are on the same wavelength , please check out the projects that I worked on recently!

Clinician Portal

  • A unique portal for clinicians to store and analyse patients data

Marketing Web-Site

  • Digital therapeutics become more accessible 

  • Ampersand Health products to manage various long-term conditions


  • Monitor your moles 

  • Keep a record of symptoms for better comparison

  • Compare over time

Secret Lock

  • Keep all your "secrets" in one place

  • Store securely


UX & UI designer


Turtle Conservation

Volunteering (Costa-Rica)

My Path

2016 - 2019

King's College London

Economics and Management 


Truffle Hunting 

Personal project


Travel In Vision

Sales Intern


Mozart 100 Marathon

Completed 30 km (Salzburg) 

2018 - 2019

Ampersand & Ampersand

UX & UI Designer

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+44 7898 865257

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2018 - 2019

City University London

Human-Computer Interaction Design 

Find me at

The Smiths Building 

179 Great Portland Street

London W1W 5PL

+44 747 744 8650

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